220v-800w电热管 220v-800w加热管 220v-800w加热器 220v-800w发热管 | 发热管|发热棒|发热圈|单头电加热管|厂家定制-昆山特耐佳五金电器有限公司


220v-800w电热管 220v-800w加热管 220v-800w加热器 220v-800w发热管

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220v-800w电热管	220v-800w加热管	220v-800w加热器 220v-800w发热管


  • 220v-800w发热管

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limit switch, once closed) closed normally closed contact of the X1, setting instruction SET activate S20. Normally open contacts with closed, the STL S20 Y0 after load KM1 is driven. Connect and start the time T0 timer coil at the same time, after 3 s, T0 timer normally open contacts closed, SET activate S21. At this point in the previous step load KM1 halt when Y0. And then step STL S21 normally open contact is connected, connect the load after the Y1 KM2 driven. At the same time the timer T1 coil on and start time, after 3 s to undertake the timer T1 normally open contacts closed transfer conditions, on the state element S20 coil, step at this point be transferred STL S20 began circulating operation of the third cascade. Step, of course, can also be transferred to the second 220v-800w发热管 step of the STL S0 location, enter the standby mode. This should remind students step up or down a transfer, insulation OUT instruction should be adopted, instead of using the SET command, students tend to overlook that. If you want to stop, press the stop button external prompting X0 normally open contacts connected, run at this time in the state of the components are reset at any position, make the PLC in the standby state. Stop set according to the normal operation of the equipment should be urgent, should be considered when setting down feature to have output relay setting, if a response to the reduction and processing, or by setting the element is stop. This is often also consider the problem of less than to the students. And some equipment should consider to stop after the complex problem of the origin, these can be discussed by the students themselves. Figure 5 is single sequence programming method 220v-800w发热管
Third, about the sequence function diagram


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