产地 昆山 是否进口 订货号 XBS-DTOD122900422
加工定制 货号 XBS-DTOD122900423 品牌 特耐佳
型号 XBS-DTOD122900421 材质 310 840无缝钢管 功率 850W 950W 1000W(W)
工作电压 220v 380v(V) 管径 14 16 18(mm) 主要用途 热弯机加热

Sequence function diagram describes the control process of control system, functions and features of a graphic. It does not involve the use of specific technical details, but it can be in technical communication between different professional personnel; It is a powerful tool for design of PLC sequence control program. Sequence function diagram as shown in the figure below:
Its main steps and to connection, transformation, transformation of conditions and actions. Example: there are two electric motor, the first boot after 3 s automatic stop, second and then autom220v-850w发热管atically start, another 3 s second automatic stop, at the same time the first automatic and boot, so cycle operation. Analysis, we can find two motor run, have to have, after running successively and cycle are controlled by the timer T0 and T1. They each work cycle, respectively connected to the stage and the order in their work. So you can regard it as two different processes, or as a programming language that consists of two “step”, expressed in state element S20, S21, as shown in figure in the list box. In S20 useful double box shown in the above step is early (S0 – integrated), said at the beginning of state usually is waiting for starting command is used. Each sequence function 220v-850w发热管